The Chief Danger of the 20th Century Will Be…

The Chief Danger of the 20th Century Will Be…

Religion without the Holy Ghost

Christianity without Christ

Forgiveness without repentance

Salvation without regeneration

Heaven without Hell.” – William Booth {1829-1912}

williamboothWilliam Booth {Founder of the Salvation Army} died in the year 1912. He had travelled over five million miles and preached over 60,000 sermons. His body lay in state for three days as 150,000 people filed passed his casket. Forty thousand people attended his funeral service including former thieves, tramps, and harlots.

Among the mourners was Queen Mary, who arrived without warning. She sat at the rear of the hall, next to a prostitute. The prostitute whispered to the Queen, not realizing to whom she was speaking and said ; “I was a harlot …He told me “when you get to heaven Mary Magdalene will give you one of the best places.” and then she said to the Queen  “He cared for the likes of us”.

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  1. Michael Snow says:

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer said much the same in The Cost of Discipleship.
    The one that most modern Christians have the most trouble grasping is “forgiveness without repentance.” We need to learn our basics well.

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