Jesus is a Life Changing Saviour!

“But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you. Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.” Romans 6:17-18

A true Christian is someone who was once the servant of sin but now has obeyed the gospel and has been loosed from his or her slavish master to serve a new Master. As one modern song writer put it, “I have felt Him loose the chains of sin and set my spirit free, Yes I know what Jesus did for me.” or from a hymn written many years ago, “Thine eye diffused a quickening ray—I woke, the dungeon flamed with light; My chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.” Jesus is a life changing Saviour!

“THERE ARE MANY who want to be saved from the consequences of their sin, who do not want to be saved from the love of it.

Many want to be delivered from sin’s curse and sin’s wages, who do not want to bow their neck to the yoke of Christ.

There are many who are attracted by the Gospel message and see the way of salvation, who are still possessing a craving for this present evil age.

How great the need for care, lest by an inadequate presentation of the truth of the Gospel we deceive these souls into a false profession.

There is a grave danger that many people will make a mistake of substituting an emotional religious crisis for a born-again experience.

To preach Christ as Saviour without preaching Christ as Lord, makes a mockery of the Gospel and the entire Christian life.

There must be true repentance. “If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him” (I John 2: 15). – Missionary, James Stewart

“Do not mistake; a fear of hell is not sorrow for sin: it may be nothing more than a regret that God is holy.” – William Arnot (1808–1875)

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