Spurgeon’s Humor

I would like to share several humorous stories regarding C. H. Spurgeon. Those of you who read my articles know that I admire Spurgeon a great deal. I must also concur with one modern evangelist; you could probably label me a “Five Point Spurgeonist”.

One afternoon he visited the home of one of his deacons at Orpington. His hostess took him out for a drive in a dogcart with a very spirited horse. Passing under a railway bridge just as a train was crossing, the horse began to rear, and Mr. Spurgeon in alarm said, “Oh, what shall I do?” “Do?” responded his hostess, a strong, self-reliant woman, perfectly familiar with horses, as she pushed him back into his seat. “Do what I do in the tabernacle when you are preaching, and I want to shout—sit still.”

One day, when dining with a friend, a foreign rabbi was also a guest. Hot ducks were part of the fare, of which the rabbi was not allowed to partake. He gave two or three significant sniffs, and got in that way as much of the ducks as he dare. Then, turning to Mr. Spurgeon, he said, “Moses very hard, Moses very hard.” “Yes;” Spurgeon answered, “there is a yoke upon the neck which neither your fathers nor you have been able to bear.”

The mention of a General Election recalls a characteristic anecdote which Mr. Spurgeon delighted to tell. He had gone to preach for his friend, Mr. John Offord, and, contrary to his almost universal practice, was a little late in arriving. He explained that: there had been a block on the road, which had delayed him; and, in addition, he had stopped on the way to vote. “To vote!” exclaimed the good man; “but, my dear brother, I thought you were a citizen of the New Jerusalem!” “So I am,” replied Mr. Spurgeon, “but my ‘old man’ is a Citizen of this world.” “Ah! but you should mortify your ‘old man.'” “That is exactly what I did; for my ‘old man’ is a Democrat, and I made him vote Republican!” {I have altered this anecdote slightly to “Americanize” it. – Shawn}

Links: http://www.spurgeon.org/misc/bio13.htm


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